Projects I've worked on:

Dew Tour 'Breck or Bust' Dir: Andy Baker Studio 

Mayo Clinic 'This Item Belongs To' Dir: Hannah Jacobs Prod: Strange Beast 

Palace - No Other Dir: George Wheeler 

Vans CustomCulture Dir: Andy Baker Studio 

Kettle Chips Dir: Andy Martin Prod: Passion Animation Studios 

Habito 2019 Dir: Andy Baker Prod: Strange Beast 

Casper Sleep App Dir: Hannah Jacobs Prod: Strange Beast 

Nike Bra Zine Dir: Caitlin McCarthy Prod: Strange Beast 

Dew Tour x BOOST Dir: Andy Baker Studio 

EQ Office Dir: Hannah Lau Walker Prod: Strange Beast 

CRUK Dir: Catherine Prowse 

Progressive Insurance Dir: Andy Martin Prod: Passion Animation Studios 

BBC Radio 1 - Aliens Dir: Kyle Platts Prod: Strange Beast  

Dinosaurs in Love Dir: Hannah Jacobs/Katy Wang/Anna Ginsburg 

Parenting Under Pressure (5/7/8) Dir: Giulia Frixione (7/8) Dir: Caitlin McCarthy (5)

Honey Nut Cheerios Dir: Caitlin McCarthy & Parallel Teeth Prod: Strange Beast 

Starbucks Dir: Andy Martin Prod: Passion Animation Studios  

Daisy The Great 'To Be Alive' Dir: Hannah Jacobs

VOW 'The Vow' Dir: Parallel Teeth Prod: Strange Beast 

Breast Cancer Now 'A Love Hate Relationship' Dir: Anna Ginsburg Prod: Strange Beast