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Workshop: Vicarage Primary School DECEMBER 2016

I headed a group lead Workshop for Year 4's at the University of East London. The University, along with charity 15 Billion, had reached out to local schools for them to engage with the resources we have and to encourage younger children to consider University as an option for their future

My aim was to make it a fun experience for the pupils, and to help them break out of the structure of their regular school day. With the resources we had access to, I thought the best way to pursue this would be with plasticine.

This class was separated into groups of 3. Firstly we asked them to animate their names so that they would feel the excitement of seeing their name on a screen. However, they were much more imaginative than we anticipated and worked at a much quicker pace, so we allowed more time for them to play around with the plasticine and create some more abstract animation.

Both the students and the teachers were very impressed and proud of the result, as well as the 4 of us who ran the workshop. We were able to apply what we'd learnt from this workshop, to others that we held later in the year.

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