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Flash Exercises MAY 2018

I finished my degree on 4th May and in order to stay proactive I instantly began watching a tutorial of Flash(Animate). This was to brush up on my Flash skills, to stay relevant, and to make sure I keep learning and don't get used to relaxing too much when I don't have work to do.

Within this tutorial I learned:

- Motion and shape tweening

- Adding and editing audio

- Creating and nesting symbols

- Copying keyframes

- Adding text and effects

- Exporting the animation

Here is the final piece I made; foley sounds were taken from the exercise files and all creative decisions were made by Dermot O'Connor within the tutorial.

I then followed another Lynda tutorial to become more familiar with shortcuts and logical ways to create hand-drawn animation in Flash. The animation was created by Dermot O'Connor, and I took an Exercise file mid-way through the tutorial which had been fully inbetweened and partially rigged. I decided to work form this particular file as it meant I could practise cleaning up some one else's rough animation, which may be something I'm asked to do in the near future. I also went into the symbols and cleaned them up so that the character rig was in the same style as the hand drawn parts. In this video, the rough animation is on the right, and my cleaned up version is on the left.

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