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Going Global Ceremony NOVEMBER 2017

On the 9th November, a ceremony was held at the University of East London to celebrate the achievements of those who had been granted funding for their global trips during the summer. After I lead a group out to Croatia for Animafest, it was expected of us to perform a presentation to an audience including programme leaders and the vice-chancellor. The presentation summed up what we did for the week there and what we learned while we were there, which we have since gained great praise for.

Animation by Eloise Garlick

Animation by Eloise Garlick.

Animation by Lauren Street

Animation by Lauren Street.

Animation by Miles Fleet

Animation by Miles Fleet.

Animation by Peter Smith

Animation by Peter Smith.

Animation by Agata Angielska

Animation by Agata Angielska.

I directed the group to each do an illustration of a place/event that interested them while we were in Croatia, which I then turned into one map-like illustration. I then directed them to animate their part of the map so that it would repeat as a loop. For the presentation, each person that spoke had their own illustration moving as a backdrop for their speech. This made the presentation more engaging for those listening, as well as giving a visual insight to our experience there too.

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